Designer's Statement

"My furniture pieces are intended to instigate an instantaneous  experience with the objects we use." These Thermoplastic Darlings are in fact an attempt to recapture some lost ceremonial rituals that made up our daily activities by challenging the user into the very act of sitting: Here they are standing upright with no apparent legs, nor arms, but all folded up from one strange material almost like paper and very much at peace in sacred geometrical harmony. The thermoplastic series is always evolving, exploring and pushing the limits of the polypropylene material to add more complexity for utmost comfort and always more transformative power!"

About the Designer

American-Lebanese designer and architect Roy Kesrounani thrives on exploring the parameters of design. 

While attending SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) for a Master’s degree in Architecture, Kesrouani heard Nader Khalili speak about using clay and fire to build structures into one single ceramic unit. Immediately, Kesrouani knew he wanted to join Khalili at Cal-Earth in the California desert to build earth home prototypes. Khalili became Kesrouani's mentor, thesis advisor and prompted him to return to Lebanon with a mission to decipher and revive earth architecture.

In 2005 Kesrouani went on to present earth architecture on Lebanese television and participate in the 22nd Annual Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture in Beirut (PLEA) with the project, “I Wear The Mountain.”

More recently, Kesrouani served as a member of the Preselection Jury for the MUD HOUSE DESIGN 2014, reinventing the African mud hut. His project selections made it all the way to first and third prize winners of the competition.

Kesrouani’s vision of a sustainable architecture is not a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification for plain energy efficiency, but rather an architecture of a specific environment. Going beyond LEED, Kesrouani insists that built structures are images of the universe. An igloo is an Inuit’s extension with its central block coinciding with the world axis, just as the square Arab courtyard is an echo of paradise exposed to celestial influences. Kesrouani’s aim as has always been the pursuit of that natural given right or expansion of being. This quest for constantly being more conscious is very much evident in the design of his latest creations: "The Thermoplastic Darlings” furniture series for Spooning Armchair. 

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