We aim to render your everyday act of sitting into a celebrated experience!

Geometry for living

Our furniture is made with corrugated plastic and fitted with aluminum screw posts. Spooning Armchair creates modular, super lightweight, weather resistant, waterproof, furniture pieces ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Available in custom colors and with organic wool felt finishes. All pieces are 100% recyclable!


Accoloades at dwell on design

L.A. Weekly named Spooning Armchair one of the "15 Most Innovative L.A. Businesses at Dwell on Design," admiring the unique line of furnishings on display. read more>

an architectural studio practice 

Owner and Designer Roy Kesrouani is an innovative architect whose work has branched off from traditional architectural practice to modular furniture and accessories.

daring experiments in design

Our latest lounge is an ultra lightweight, stackable, and adorable seating option for both indoor and outdoor use. Introducing "Thermoplastic Housewives."