Almost Identical Lozenge Layouts

Radical Lozenge Design, early 1930's.

During my recent visit to the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, CA, I finally came across the only available books and literature in the United States directly tracing Gabriel Voisin and his extraordinary adventure in the automotive world and his pioneering achievements in aviation. I am deeply thankful to the Mullin Museum to have put together these wonderful archives for I have been on a quest for years to unveil my profound enrapture with the amazing Voisin Automobiles. To my delight and utmost surprise while I was hastily flipping through the pages of La Vision De Voisin, I stumbled upon a Lozenge (diamond shaped) automobile layout that strangely resembles my own Lozenge automobile sketches from 2013! I kew immediately that my enrapture with Voisin is much more than a mere fascination but rather a mutual affinity that exists beyond time and is deeply rooted in Collective Spacial Archetypes!