Mutual Wave Machine Spooning Armchair

Mutual Wave Machine Experience at SVC 2014

The Mutual Wave Machine had its U.S. premiere last night at Silicon Valley Contemporary, and Art Nerd San Francisco contributor Ashley Gardini and I had the very first exclusive experience. Conceived from Marina Abramović’s desire to get into her own experience through “brain visualization”, the piece was created by artists Suzanne Dikker and Matthias Oostrik with Peter Burr, Matthew Patterson Curry, Diederik Schoorl, Oliver Hess, and Roy Kesrouani. The Mutual Wave Machine is an interactive light installation that is controlled by your brain activity synchronization with the person you are sharing the installation experience with. By using head gear the visitors are able to visualize their brain activity by making the light visuals larger through greater brain synchronization or smaller with less. 

Our Experience:
The lead artist, Suzanne Dikker, was able to chat with us as she prepared our head gear and asked us questions for her research, she also walked us through the control panel for the brain sensors, which were extremely cool and high tech. Aleksandra Dorann from TodaysArt, who sponsored the piece to attend SVC this week, explained to Ashley and I that we would have to “learn” how to sync up with one another as we experienced what worked and what didn’t work in our relationship, based on how we connected. Gathering all the information we had been given and attached to, we were then led to the Mutual Wave Machine. Read more here...